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Chris Heath – the De-Stress Your Mind Coach and Therapist


Welcome to Solutions 2 Living. I provide a Personal Development Service that helps female entrepreneurs through the mental challenges and barriers experienced when dealing with significant change in their life. I have seen too many people suffer with stress and anxiety; getting stuck in negative and limited thinking processes and habits that cause themselves a lot of suffering, and I know that I can really help them.  It is my passion, and I fervently believe that everyone who is suffering this day in and day out, can benefit from my guidance and support.

I can help you make a real difference in your life; whether you are overwhelmed by anxiety, suffering with stress, lacking in confidence, battling with self worth or conflicted with the challenges that change may bring; I know your frustrations and disappointments. Circumstances that I faced growing up, coupled with personal battles in my adult life, and the subsequent professional training that I have undertaken, have enabled me to understand, empathise and I know that I can genuinely help make a difference in your personal development. 

I will calmly and positively support you through your challenges; help you focus on the main issues, work with you through any difficulties that arise; develop processes to allow you to take control, and help you manage your situation to give you your life back.

These are the conditions that I am truly passionate about and understand (through personal experience)  and I am grateful to be in this position to be offering a service that can help people experiencing one or a combination of the conditions below:


Severe anxiety can affect how you live your life – I can help you deal with your anxieties, regain your confidence, and take back full control.

Confidence issues

Struggling with the ability to do tasks that are new to you or are concerned that you will make a mess and be embarrassed and consequently avoid at any cost –  with my effective support and guidance, you can learn to become confident with the tasks that will help you to grow as an individual and enrich your life.

Mental Barriers to Change

Change is uncomfortable. It can occur in your personal life as well as in your working life. For some people it can be inspiring, as for others it can fill your thoughts with uncertainty and fear – which can lead to stress. Working together, we can eliminate those beliefs and create a new way of thinking and new habits that will help you manage any change you comes your way.

Self Worth

Self worth is the foundation that enables you to have a “Can Do” attitude and become confident in many aspects of your life. Low self worth can ruin your life –  where your self worth and value feels undermined. With my effective guidance, you can live the life you deserve.


The feeling of constant pressure is not unusual, but it can be crippling.  Let me help you recognise the triggers, handle the causes and overcome the effects.

Contact Me. Let me guide you through your route to recovery

I also provide workshops for group work  and carefully designed online programs to help companies to create the wellbeing that will bring enrichment to their staff – Click here for further information on the  mindfulness and wellbeing program for corporate clients .

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Solutions 2 Living - De-Stress Your Mind

Solutions 2 Living is based in Leicestershire and Bourne. I work with clients from all over the UK and anywhere in the world. So, if you’re tired of feeling that life is one big uphill struggle and you want to start living the life you deserve, then give me a call today.